Ecological parameter: BORHIDI - nitrogen figures Hungary (Eastern Europe)

Parameter group: habitat related parameters

The data provide indicator values of species in Hungary concernig the ecological factor "available nitrogen", valid for Eastern Europe.

Borhidi, A. (1993): Social behavior types of the Hungarian flora, its naturalness and relative ecological indicator values.- Janus Pannonicus Tudományegyetem Növénytani Tanszék, Pécs, 15pp.

Classification system: score
A description of the coding system can be found here  Abbreviations/Coding Systems

Category name:Abbreviations:Explanation:
11only in soils extremely poor in mineral nitrogen
22plants of habitats very poor in nitrogen
33plants of moderately oligotrophic habitats
44plants of submesotrophic habitats
55plants of mesotrophic habitats
66plants of moderately nutrient rich habitats
77plants of soils rich in mineral nitrogen
88nitrogen indicator plants of fertilized soils
99plants only on hyperfertilized soil, extremely rich in mineral nitrogen
Assigned taxa for each higher systematic unit:
TaxagroupNumber of assigned taxa / total number of taxa - percentage
Liliopsida160 / 361 - 44.3%
Magnoliopsida4 / 20 - 20%
Polypodiopsida6 / 19 - 31.5%
Rosopsida205 / 399 - 51.3%
Sphenopsida6 / 9 - 66.6%