Ecological parameter: geochemical imprinting

Parameter group: habitat related parameters

Describes the focus of distribution of a species with respect to its geochemical character. The focus of distribution is indicated in the pH spectrum.

Category name:Abbreviations:Explanation:
acidobiontACBoccurrence at pH< 7, optimum at pH < 5.5
acidiphilACFoccurrence at pH around 7, predominant distribution at pH < 7
circumneutralCNoccurrence in the range around pH 7
alkaliphilALFoccurrence around pH 7, predominant distribution at pH > 7
alkalibiontALBoccurrence exclusively pH > 7, optimum at pH 8.5
indifferentINDdistribution in the pH spectrum without recognizable optimum
++preference according to Rott et al. (1999)
xadditional opinion according to data from the literature or own assessment