Ecological parameter: sensitive species

Parameter group: ecoregion related parameters

This parameter indicates, if a species is categorised as sensitive species and the ecoregion(s) in which it is considered to be sensitive. Sensitive species are species that tolerate environmental parameters only within very narrow limits (stenotopic, stenoecious). They therefore only colonise specific habitats and react intolerant against disturbances of their habitat.

Classification system: modified presence/absence assignment system
A description of the coding system can be found here  Abbreviations/Coding Systems

Category name:Abbreviations:Explanation:
sensitive speciessespsensitive species
ecoregion numbererecoregion, in which the taxon is sensitive
Assigned taxa for each higher systematic unit:
TaxagroupNumber of assigned taxa / total number of taxa - percentage
Ephemeroptera34 / 353 - 9.6%
Plecoptera14 / 576 - 2.4%
Trichoptera19 / 1439 - 1.3%