Ecological parameter: endemism

Parameter group: ecoregion related parameters

Endemism describes species with limited distribution ranges. Endemic species are often characterised by a restricted ecological niche and a limited dispersal capacity. Two types of endemism are provided: (1) ecoregion-endemism (large-scale endemism): taxa occurring in only one ecoregion (sensu Illies 1967, 1978), (2) micro-endemism: taxa restricted e.g. to a single mountain range within an ecoregion.

Illies, J. (ed.) 1967. Limnofauna Europaea. 1st Edition. Gustav Fischer Verlag, Stuttgart. 474pp. Illies, J. (ed.) 1978. Limnofauna Europaea. 2nd Edition. Gustav Fischer Verlag, Stuttgart. 552pp.

Classification system: modified presence/absence assignment system
A description of the coding system can be found here  Abbreviations/Coding Systems

Category name:Abbreviations:Explanation:
ecoregion-endemismlslarge-scale endemism
ecoregion numberernumber of the ecoregion, in which the taxon occurs
Assigned taxa for each higher systematic unit:
TaxagroupNumber of assigned taxa / total number of taxa - percentage
Chironomidae171 / 1315 - 13%
Ephemeroptera120 / 353 - 33.9%
Odonata42 / 174 - 24.1%
Plecoptera319 / 576 - 55.3%
Trichoptera755 / 1439 - 52.4%