Ecological parameter: LANDOLT Bryophytes - reaction Switzerland (Alpine region)

Parameter group: habitat related parameters

The parameter characterises the life form of species with respect to the position of the overwintering organs.

Raunkiaer, C. (1934): The life forms of plants and statistical plant geography. Oxford. Ellenberg, H. & Mueller-Dombois, D. (1965): A key to Raunkiaer plant life forms with revised subdivisions.- Ber. Geobot. Inst ETH, Stifutung Rübel, Zürich 37, 19pp.

Classification system: presence/absence
A description of the coding system can be found here  Abbreviations/Coding Systems

Category name:Abbreviations:Explanation:
11very acid: substrate pH < ca. 4 (e.g. raised bog peat)
22acid: substrate pH ca. 3.5 - 5 (e.g. rotten wood)
33subneutral: base-poor, substrate pH ca. 4.5 - 6.5 (e.g. silicious rock affected by lime)
44± neutral: substrate pH ca. 6 - 7.5 (e.g. many soils in decidious forests)
55alkaline: substrate pH > ca. 7 (e.g. limestone)
variationrange of variation regarding the reaction value: I - small variation, II - large variation
Assigned taxa for each higher systematic unit:
TaxagroupNumber of assigned taxa / total number of taxa - percentage
Bryopsida123 / 213 - 57.7%
Marchantiopsida43 / 62 - 69.3%