Ecological parameter: reproduction habitat

Parameter group: habitat related parameters

The parameter provides information on the preferred reproduction habitat and strategy of fish species.

Category name:Abbreviations:Explanation:
lithophiliclithspawning exclusively on gravel, rocks, stones, rubbles or pebbles; hatchlings are photophobic
litho-pelagophiliclthpeleggs are released at the surface of hard structures (stones, gravel) and drift suspended in the current
pelagophilicpeleggs are released into the free water body and float
phytophilicphyfish deposit eggs in clear water habitats on submerged plants
phyto-lithophilicphylithfish deposit eggs in clear water habitats on submerged plants or on other submerged items such as logs, gravel and rocks; larvae are photophobic
psamnmophilicpsamfish spawn on roots or grass above sandy bottom or on the sand itself
ostracophilicostraeggs are deposited into the gill cavity of living mussels using a laying tube
speleophilicspeleggs are deposited in existing or newly created burrows, where brood care is performed
ariadnophilicariadspecialised nest building fish that may exhibit some form of parental care
polyphilicpolynon-specialised spawners
viviparousvivilive bearers
Assigned taxa for each higher systematic unit:
TaxagroupNumber of assigned taxa / total number of taxa - percentage
Acipenseriformes7 / 13 - 53.8%
Anguilliformes1 / 1 - 100%
Cypriniformes43 / 313 - 13.7%
Esociformes2 / 3 - 66.6%
Gadiformes1 / 1 - 100%
Gasterosteiformes2 / 9 - 22.2%
Perciformes17 / 94 - 18%
Petromyzontiformes2 / 13 - 15.3%
Salmoniformes11 / 125 - 8.7%
Scorpaeniformes1 / 16 - 6.2%
Siluriformes4 / 7 - 57.1%