Ecological parameter: moisture van Dam

Parameter group: habitat related parameters

Classification as moisture indicator following van Dam et al. (1994). Two different classifactions are provided: values modified by Coste (Lecointe et al., 1993) and values by van Dam et al. (1994).

Van Dam, H., Mertens, A. & Sinkeldam, J. (1994): A coded checklist and ecological indicator values of freshwater diatoms from the Netherlands. Netherlands J. Aquatic Ecol. 28 (1): 117-133.
Lecointe, C., Coste, M. & Prygiel, J. (1993): OMNIDIA software for taxonomy, calculation of diatom indices and inventories management. Hydrobiologia 269/270: 509-513.

Category name:Abbreviations:Explanation:
11never, or only very rarely, occurring outside water bodies
22mainly occurring in water bodies, sometimes on wet places
33mainly occurring in water bodies, also rather regularly on wet and moist places
44mainly occurring on wet and moist or temporarily dry places
55nearly exclusively occurring outside water bodies