Ecological parameter:  rare species

Parameter group: ecoregion related parameters

The category of rare species is based on both a spatial and temporal scale: species range, historical records (in specific ecoregions) and current number of records (in different ecoregions). It is a non-scientific and rough approach as demographic data like population size, number of metapopulations etc. are not available in a detailed way.

Classification system: modified presence/absence assignment system

Category nameAbbreviationExplanation
rare speciesrasprare species
ecoregion numberernumber of the ecoregion, in which the taxon is rare
Assigned taxa for each higher systematic unit
TaxagroupNumber of assigned taxa / total number of taxa - percentage
Ephemeroptera138 / 344 - 40.1%
Plecoptera111 / 571 - 19.4%
Trichoptera119 / 1428 - 8.3%