Ecological parameter:  reproductive life cycles per year

Parameter group: life parameters

Reproductive life cycles per year indicate the number of broods or generations of an organism in a year. As life cycles are generally closely connected with thermal conditions, latitudinal and altitudinal gradients from univoltine to polyvoltine cycles can be expected, though few studies prove this phenomenon. Taxa were classified for different floristic regions (arctic, boreal, temperate, submeridional, meridional zone).

Classification system: single category assignment system

Category nameAbbreviationExplanation
semivoltinesevone generation in two years
univoltineunvone generation per year
bivoltinebivtwo generations per year
trivoltinetrvthree generations per year
multivoltinemuvmore than three generations per year
flexibleflxflexible number of life cycles per year
Assigned taxa for each higher systematic unit
TaxagroupNumber of assigned taxa / total number of taxa - percentage
Ephemeroptera168 / 344 - 48.8%
Plecoptera125 / 571 - 21.8%
Trichoptera130 / 1428 - 9.1%
Chironomidae185 / 1278 - 14.4%