Ecological parameter:  indicator species for

Parameter group: habitat preference parameters

This category delineates indicator species (organism whose presence, absence or abundance reflects a specific environmental condition) for thermal regime, hydrological regime, drought resistance & others.

Classification system: presence/absence assignment system

Category nameAbbreviationExplanation
thermal regimethrindicator for thermal conditions
hydrological regimehyrindicator for hydrological conditions
drought resistencedrrindicator for drought resistence strategies
othersothindicator for other situations
oth-spoth-spspecification for category "others"
Assigned taxa for each higher systematic unit
TaxagroupNumber of assigned taxa / total number of taxa - percentage
Ephemeroptera13 / 344 - 3.7%
Plecoptera16 / 571 - 2.8%
Trichoptera10 / 1428 - 0.7%