Ecological parameter:  altitude preference

Parameter group: region preference parameters

The altitudinal preference of species is classified from high to low mountain regions. The altitude preference classification follows the altitudinal division into eight zones from planar (<300m) to nival (>3100m) according to Ellenberg (1996).

Ellenberg, H. 1996. Vegetation Mitteleuropas mit den Alpen in ökologischer, dynamischer und historischer Sicht. Ulmer, Stuttgart 1996.

Classification system: 10 point assignment system

Category nameAbbreviationExplanation
nivalniv> 3100m
subnivalsni2900-3100 m
subalpinesal1900-2400m (in low mountain ecoregions: > 1500m)
montanemon1000-1900m (in low mountain ecoregions: 450-1500m)
submontanesmo800-1000m (in low mountain ecoregions: 300-450m)
collincol300-800m (in low mountain ecoregions: 150-300m)
planarpla< 300m (in low mountain ecoregions: < 150m)
Assigned taxa for each higher systematic unit
TaxagroupNumber of assigned taxa / total number of taxa - percentage
Ephemeroptera184 / 344 - 53.4%
Plecoptera523 / 571 - 91.5%
Trichoptera686 / 1428 - 48%