Ecological parameter:  temperature preference

Parameter group: habitat preference parameters

Temperature preference describes the water temperature preference of a species and is defined as the maximal morning water temperature in summer and mean maximum in summer, respectively. There are 5 categories for temperature preference.

Classification system: 10 point assignment system

Category nameAbbreviationExplanation
very coldvco< 6°C
coldcod< 10°C
moderatemod< 18°C
warmwar>= 18°C
eurythermeutno specific preference
Assigned taxa for each higher systematic unit
TaxagroupNumber of assigned taxa / total number of taxa - percentage
Ephemeroptera124 / 344 - 36%
Plecoptera197 / 571 - 34.5%
Trichoptera74 / 1428 - 5.1%
Chironomidae194 / 1278 - 15.1%